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Security & Compliance Services
Moving to the cloud can help to better enhance your security
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Security Design

Overarching security strategy and design for success with AWS


Security Operation Center for 24/7 threat prevention and analysis monitoring


Leverage AWS to meet HIPAA compliance on your underlying infrastructure


Leverage AWS to meet PCI compliance on your underlying infrastructure

How we can help:
  • Security Architecture: Evaluate the nature of the workloads customers are deploying in AWS, along with your security needs and define an architecture and set of security controls that will protect your data and workloads according to best practices.


  • Policies & Controls-Mapping: Examine customer requirements based upon their security policy and any third party or regulatory mandates and provide detailed recommendations on how to satisfy those requirements and demonstrate compliance.


  • Business Unit Workshops: Work with IT and Business Leaders across customer organizations to understand their plans and strategies around Cloud adoption, educate them on the best way to satisfy their requirements while minimizing risks to the organization, and devise an organization-wide security framework for deploying workloads on AWS.


  • HIPAA Compliance: By securely deploying infrastructure in an AWS cloud solution, healthcare businesses can outsource many of the common HIPAA responsibilities. AWS provides a secure environment that meets HIPAA compliance and requirements. CorpInfo provides a comprehensive migration service that allows healthcare businesses to decommission their legacy server hardware and move to a faster and more secure cloud-based infrastructure into AWS.


  • PCI Compliance: The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) dictates standards designed to help protect a company’s customer credit card data. CorpInfo PCI compliance services help customers assess security gaps, build a security strategy, and work toward compliance with PCI DSS security standards on AWS. CorpInfo helps customers understand the PCI DSS requirements that affect their unique business and how to fortify their payment applications to withstand the latest threats. CorpInfo will help customer teams develop security controls, leveraging the capabilities of AWS and complementary ecosystem technology partners, that satisfy stringent PCI DSS mandates; thereby avoiding PCI-related fines and penalties, and better navigating the road to PCI DSS compliance.

“After our first engagement with CorpInfo, we were able to understand security components such as private and public subnets and we quickly realized we could actually do this in AWS and be safe and secure.”

Matt Collins, Proprietary Technology Director at HealthRise Solutions
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